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Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 11:49 pm Poly Wars
Hey every body, I just produced a 35 minute spoof off of Star Wars over the past summer. Me and a bunch of friends thought it would be cool to throw together a movie before we all head off our seperate ways going to college. We spend three weeks making this movie. Here's a quick description...

A long, long time ago...In a galaxy far far away...Follow Jack Lascivio as he discovers his destiny in a world ruled by the evil Emperor Bushatine and his personal bodyguard Darth Concervius. As Jack starts his journey, he meets the mysterious Ben "Obi-Tu" Kennedy who tells him about his father. When Obi-Tu takes jack to be trained to be a part of the mighty warrior race Demi, Jack joins the Democratic Rebellion, led by General Kerry. Jack must complete his training by seeking out and training under the greatest Demi who ever lived, Nayda. Who has joined the Green Party. With the Democratic Rebellion at its last stand, it's up to Jack to save the Universe from the evil Republic Empire!

If your interested check it out at A Witty Production.com. Any advice or comments that you find will be very helpful I'm a new filmmaker looking for a little direction. Thanks
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