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Movie Makers
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A community for those interested in movie production (and to a lesser extent, TV production). Primarily for novices doing low-budget movies/TV shows on videotape (Hi-8, MiniDV, Digital 8) and to those doing at least some of the behind-the-camera (tech) work. However, the community is open to all.

Simple rules:

1. Observe the LiveJournal TOS. This specifically means, among other things: don't post or link to serial numbers, cracks, or key generators for commercial software, or copies of such software; don't post personal contact information of others without their permission; don't post links to bootleg versions of movies that you do not own the copyright to or have the permission of the copyright owner to distribute.

2. Debate is encouraged; ad hominem attacks (flames/insults) are not allowed.

3. Advertising should be kept to a minimum. I don't particularly mind a nominal amount of advertising but posts that start to look spammy will get deleted.

4. No idiotbabblespeak. This means: spell out words like "you", "people", "to", "for", "thanks", "ok", "easy", "anyone". I'm sure there are others, this list is not all inclusive, but if your message doesn't look like English I may delete it.

5. No quizzes or memes; that's what your personal journal is for. (This should go without saying.)

Maintainer: duelisthouston